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Prosthodontics- teeth without flaws
Dental prosthetics are one of the main directions in dentistry. The ultimate goal of dental prosthesis is to restore chewing efficacy. Few people know that the absence of even one tooth has a significant impact on this indicator and has serious consequences.As a result of this process, the chewing efficiency and adjacent teeth, as well as the antagonist tooth, are partially lost.

Therefore, we recommend to perform prostheses in a timely manner, especially since one of the strengths of our clinic is orthopaedic dentistry. Doctors have tremendous experience. All dentures are of high quality because they are made of high quality, expensive materials. In each specific case, an orthopaedic construction is selected, as much as possible in the given clinical situation.Prosthetics can be permanent (veneers, inserts, linings, bridge-shaped prostheses), conventionally removable (bulge prostheses with fixation on Klamer, prostheses with fixation on telescopic crowns, etc.) and complete removable prostheses

Those solutions in dentistry that seemed futuristic for 10 years are now very actively implemented in dentistry. We are talking about dental prosthetics with implants. Recently, more and more podiatrists prefer this option. For example, if you have a single missing tooth, you do not need to repulpate your neighboring healthy teeth and prepare them for an orthopedic structure. The implant in this case will be a completely autonomous structure, not affecting neighboring teeth. In addition, the bridge prosthesis is in no way connected to the bone of the missing tooth, and this will lead to bone atrophy (reduction of bone volume). On the other hand, the implant, which resembles the roots of a tooth, constantly affects the bone, thus stimulating its growth. The cost of dentures depends on the complexity of the task assigned to the orthopedic surgeon and the choice of design.

And remember, when you come to our clinic, you will always get the highest quality dental care.

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Our customers
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"I brought my daughter here, she had a toothache, she has been very afraid of dentists since childhood, but here it didn't go as usual, with screams and tantrums. Thank you so much, now we are going to visit only your dentistry.
Ludmila Koval
I came for a whitening, very cool done, really - it was an unusual cleaning after which my gums bleed, but completely different, I came out with a Hollywood smile, of course - it's all temporary, I'll just come in more often - thanks!
Vyacheslav Petriga
I would like to express my gratitude to Kirilyuk Dental. I have had problems with my teeth since childhood. That is why I had complexes, so I decided to put braces. Just was a good deal, went for a consultation with the doctor, he made me a treatment plan, it turned out I needed to first treat teeth, put fillings, and then put braces. It was a long treatment, but my teeth are fine now! We are happy now and would recommend this dentistry to everyone.
Angela Sirotonyan
I recently came to this clinic and I can say that the staff is very friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is friendly. I had my front tooth restored there, and I'm satisfied with everything. I can't speak for the other doctors, but the overall impression is pleasant! I can recommend it)
Anna Kovalenko
KIRILYUK DENTAL is an aesthetic dentistry, designed to return your teeth not only to health, but also the real beauty of your smile.
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Chernivtsi, Golovna street, 275V
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