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Teeth whitening: a Hollywood smile for you
Beautiful white, perfectly even teeth are the dream of many. «Hollywood» smile not only rejuvenates the face, but attracts attention, arranges for communication, makes the person more confident, and, in the end, success in any undertaking. If nature has not given man such teeth, there is no need to remain in the shadows, because modern technology does wonders.

Teeth whitening at KIRILUK DENTAL is a set of manipulations aimed at brightening the tooth enamel and returning its natural color. Deterioration of tooth enamel color occurs for a variety of reasons. The main ones are:
- Smoking;
- Age-related changes in the body;
- Consumption of foods that have coloring properties (coffee and tea, chocolate and beets, blueberries and black currants);
- diseases and the use of certain types of medicines;
- elevated levels of fluoride in the consumed water and food;
- consequences of canal treatment.

Today our dentistry offers the most popular and effective procedure, namely Beyond MaX 500 - this procedure involves the application of hydrogen peroxide gel. Under the influence of cold light it is activated, penetrating into the tooth enamel, the gel illuminates it and makes pigmentation invisible. There is no need to fear the negative effects of light. Harmful ultraviolet radiation is completely removed by the filtration system. What is left is a focused beam of cool blue-blue light. There is no heating of the tooth tissue.

Contraindications to teeth whitening
Despite the popularity and popularity of the procedure, not all people can have their teeth whitened. There are a number of diseases in which it is undesirable or even contraindicated. These include diabetes, periodontal disease and dental caries. Tooth whitening is also prohibited during breast-feeding, while you are having chemotherapy procedures, while wearing braces and while pregnant. Do not perform manipulations in cases of melanoma, hypersensitivity of the teeth, and allergies to components contained in whitening products.

Do you want to regain your snow-white smile and at the same time your beauty and confidence in your irresistibility? You can make a miraculous transformation today!

[ Testimonials ]
Our customers
We are always happy to hear nice words about our work
I brought my daughter here, she had a toothache, she has been very afraid of dentists since childhood, but here it didn't go as usual, with screams and tantrums. Thank you so much, now we are going to visit only your dentistry.
Ludmila Koval
I came for a whitening, very cool done, really - it was an unusual cleaning after which my gums bleed, but completely different, I came out with a Hollywood smile, of course - it's all temporary, I'll just come in more often - thanks!
Vyacheslav Petriga
I would like to express my gratitude to Kirilyuk Dental. I have had problems with my teeth since childhood. That is why I had complexes, so I decided to put braces. Just was a good deal, went for a consultation with the doctor, he made me a treatment plan, it turned out I needed to first treat teeth, put fillings, and then put braces. It was a long treatment, but my teeth are fine now! We are happy now and would recommend this dentistry to everyone.
Angela Sirotonyan
I recently came to this clinic and I can say that the staff is very friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is friendly. I had my front tooth restored there, and I'm satisfied with everything. I can't speak for the other doctors, but the overall impression is pleasant! I can recommend it)
Anna Kovalenko
KIRILYUK DENTAL is an aesthetic dentistry, designed to return your teeth not only to health, but also the real beauty of your smile.
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