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Braces - a tool for teeth alignment
The word "braces" came to us from English and means "staple". The first braces were very large and ugly, causing considerable discomfort in the mouth. For this reason, many refused to wear them. At this stage of orthodontics there are braces-systems which can satisfy any customer. Not only children, but adult patients as well. It is worth remembering that the older the patient, the longer the bite correction phase will take. This is due to the fact that the growth zones will already be formed.

Why are my teeth uneven?

The most common cause of unevenness in the tooth is hereditary, and related factors should also be borne in mind. For example, in the case of premature tooth loss, others begin to shift towards the missing tooth, thus deforming the tooth row. As a result of loss of a tooth, chewing efficiency is lost, the person, without noticing it, begins to adjust to this fact and chew on the other side. This leads to an overload of the periodont and increased tooth washing. That is why bite correction has not only aesthetic but also therapeutic value. Often, small or large jaws are the cause of crowding of teeth. In order to determine which jaw is underdeveloped, the orthodontist performs Ilyin-Markossian tests.

Braces are usually available to an orthodontist in 1.5 to 2 hours, but in severe clinical cases this number may increase. The braces are fixed to the tooth surface using an adhesive (glue) on the vestibular or oral surface. Before this, the orthodontist carefully examines the diagnostic models and plans the treatment plan. It is at this point that the doctor decides where and how a particular tooth will move. An orthodontic arch is pulled through the braces, and it will be the future comparison of the bite. This arch has a "memory", if it is bent, then when released, it will take its original appearance. Fix the arch in the braces with ligatures (rubber bands), but recently patients are increasingly preferring self-ligating braces - this reduces the number of visits at the dentist. This is beneficial for both the patient and the dentist.

Types of braces

«races can vary depending on the material they are made of. Recently, these types of braces have been popular:
Metal braces are the most popular, proven, cheapest and most effective system. It may not be chosen just because it is characterized by low aesthetics. Sometimes patients combine the systems: upper jaw - sapphire braces, lower jaw - metal braces. This decreases treatment costs and significantly hides the fact of orthodontic treatment.
Sapphire braces are one of the most expensive types of systems. They have high aesthetic qualities: in the mouth they merge with the tooth enamel due to saliva.
Ceramic braces are an alternative to sapphire braces in price: they also meet high aesthetic requirements, but are more fragile.
You can see the price of the braces in the section "Prices," or call us at the phone number listed in the "Contact Us" section. If you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment, the doctors at our clinic are just what you need. Individual approach, reasonable prices, and guaranteed result - all these are typical features of our dentistry. We are waiting for you!
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Our customers
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"I brought my daughter here, she had a toothache, she has been very afraid of dentists since childhood, but here it didn't go as usual, with screams and tantrums. Thank you so much, now we are going to visit only your dentistry.
Ludmila Koval
I came for a whitening, very cool done, really - it was an unusual cleaning after which my gums bleed, but completely different, I came out with a Hollywood smile, of course - it's all temporary, I'll just come in more often - thanks!
Vyacheslav Petriga
I would like to express my gratitude to Kirilyuk Dental. I have had problems with my teeth since childhood. That is why I had complexes, so I decided to put braces. Just was a good deal, went for a consultation with the doctor, he made me a treatment plan, it turned out I needed to first treat teeth, put fillings, and then put braces. It was a long treatment, but my teeth are fine now! We are happy now and would recommend this dentistry to everyone.
Angela Sirotonyan
I recently came to this clinic and I can say that the staff is very friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is friendly. I had my front tooth restored there, and I'm satisfied with everything. I can't speak for the other doctors, but the overall impression is pleasant! I can recommend it)
Anna Kovalenko
KIRILYUK DENTAL is an aesthetic dentistry, designed to return your teeth not only to health, but also the real beauty of your smile.
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