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What is pediatric dentistry? It is the branch of medicine that studies children's oral cavities. Some parents don't pay enough attention to their children's teeth and entire mouths. They begin to develop diseases such as cavities, then pulpitis, which progresses to periodontitis, which can end in tooth extraction. What is the reason for this neglect? Parents think they don't have to worry about temporary baby teeth.

The thing is, the removal of the tooth can cause other teeth to shift. The child's chewing efficacy deteriorates, and a caries tooth infection penetrates the stomach and negatively affects the entire body of the child. Caries are a pathological process, primarily characterized by the demineralization of hard tooth tissue.

Our dental clinic has doctors who are familiar with child psychology. The clinic staff easily finds the right approach to the child. In its work it uses only the best materials and modern technologies, contributing to the comfortable treatment of teeth of high quality. The child will not be afraid or in pain. She will be offered a special freezing candy before the injection with an anesthetic, and the treatment of tooth decay will take place without the intervention of a drill.

Dear parents, do not waste your time, bring your children to the clinic "KIRILYUK DENTAL", in order to make a check-up of the mouth as early as possible, to conduct the necessary treatment or just to get acquainted with the proper care of the teeth. And don't forget: while your child is still young, you need to tell and teach how long, and how to brush teeth properly, how to care for the mouth, how to rinse and what happens if you don't do all this.
"KIRILYUK DENTAL" - dental clinic for children
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Our customers
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I brought my daughter here, she had a toothache, she has been very afraid of dentists since childhood, but here it didn't go as usual, with screams and tantrums. Thank you so much, now we are going to visit only your dentistry.
Ludmila Koval
I came for a whitening, very cool done, really - it was an unusual cleaning after which my gums bleed, but completely different, I came out with a Hollywood smile, of course - it's all temporary, I'll just come in more often - thanks!
Vyacheslav Petriga
I would like to express my gratitude to Kirilyuk Dental. I have had problems with my teeth since childhood. That is why I had complexes, so I decided to put braces. Just was a good deal, went for a consultation with the doctor, he made me a treatment plan, it turned out I needed to first treat teeth, put fillings, and then put braces. It was a long treatment, but my teeth are fine now! We are happy now and would recommend this dentistry to everyone.
Angela Sirotonyan
I recently came to this clinic and I can say that the staff is very friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is friendly. I had my front tooth restored there, and I'm satisfied with everything. I can't speak for the other doctors, but the overall impression is pleasant! I can recommend it)
Anna Kovalenko
KIRILYUK DENTAL is an aesthetic dentistry, designed to return your teeth not only to health, but also the real beauty of your smile.
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Chernivtsi, Golovna street, 275V
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